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shaish HaArmon – Manufacture and assembly of marble countertops
Shaish HaArmon is one of the oldest and leading companies in Israel in the field of stone and marble.
Since 1957, the company specializes in the supply of marble, granite and Caesar Stone, from either domestic or foreign sources, in all sizes and by applying various types of processing methods, according to the client’s taste. The Shaish HaArmon plant specializes in the manufacture and assembly of marble, Caesar Stone and granite countertops for kitchens, bathrooms and stairs, with an emphasis on quality, personal service and quick delivery time. The family’s plant, is located at Moshav Ora and is run by Yossi Shoshani, who has many years of experience in this field. The company has accumulated great experience in carrying out works to a variety of clients: Architects, interior designers, building contractors, building supervisors and private clients, who enjoy high-quality products and perfect finish level and, of course, courteous service. We serve our clients from the moment they enter into our showroom until the marble is installed at their homes. We assist them in choosing the color of the stone, individually matching the type of stone and the type of finish for each client. The plant has extensive experience in the supply and carrying out of projects for private clients and public institutions on a large scale.
Marble has become in recent years one of the most popular cladding solutions in Israeli homes. What are the benefits of marble and what makes this material such a popular choice? Here is the answer.
Simple maintenance, elegant look and durable cladding
The main advantage of marble flooring is mostly its appearance. The appearance of marble is elegant and beautiful, and marble floors make the house look elegant and creates a festive and clean athmosphere. Marble floor suits many decorative styles, but is specially perfect for homes designed with a minimalist clean style, since marble creates a meticulous and aesthetic appearance, consistent with the minimalist modern design. Practically speaking, marble cladding is considered resistant, because it is a crystalline and robust stone. It should be pointed out that marble is in fact limestone, that underwent metamorphosis at high temperatures, so it is considered to be very strong, and its appearance is maintained over a long period of time and is very resistant to erosion.
Moreover, marble cladding that does not require regular maintenance, so it is very “friendly”, especially for home owners who do not have spare time for home maintenance in general and flooring upkeep in particular.

Use the Internet to deepen the knowledge on marble
In reality, there is nothing perfect. Therefore, along with the vantages of marble, it also has drawbacks, mainly how fast it accumulates dirt and stains. If you feel that further information can help you make the right choice, use the Internet and read more about marble cladding.

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